Creation Coven

Outsourced, Affordable Podcast Production
Hand-Crafted By A Coven Of Expert Podcasters

Who Are We?

Creation Coven is a tiered membership service made for podcast creators.

Creators record themselves and upload their files to us. Don’t know how to record on your own? We’ll teach you how for free.

Our Coven of experienced producers edit, mix, master, and handle all of the post-production work.

In a few hours we deliver the completed file to its creator, allowing anyone to have the sound and production quality on par with the top podcasts in the world.

Every tier welcomes you into our Coven, connects you with a skilled Producer and allows access to closed social media groups:

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Why Creation Coven?

Podcast production services over charge and impose arbitrary limits on their services that are open knowledge or our consulting team will assist you with.

Take advantage of our Consultation team with any question you may have on podcasting. We offer sliding scale pricing.

After delivery, one of our skilled producers will be made available to you for forty-eight hours, to ensure your show is exactly how you like it.

You retain complete ownership of your show. (but please review our Terms of Service).

We demystify podcast production for you! Listeners, time to put down the headphones, pick up a microphone and become a Creator.

Levels of Service

24-48 hour turnaround time

Master Only. Your episode is recorded and you’ve edited it yourself, but it’s missing the warmth, clarity, and volume of a good podcast. Send us your file and we’ll give it that final master to make it perfect!

Upon sign-up we’ll send you our FREE recording PDF, with tested & thorough advice on the best ways to record.


One Month Commitment:
$100/mo (service for 4 episodes)


48-72 hour turnaround time

Full Post-Production! Editing, Mixing, and Mastering. Send us all of your files, instructions, edits and our Coven will craft your entire show. We’ll inlay music, make edits, mix, master, and clean up audio. Our Coven will handle it all.

Sea includes an indepth and free consultation with one of our Founders via phone or video to walk you through every step of recording on your own.


One Month Commitment:
$175/mo (service for 4 episodes)


6 month consultation

For the truly ambitious, learn how to create, launch and grow an entire podcast network.

Six months of direct mentorship from the Founders of Feral Audio, who grew their network from 1.2 million monthly downloads then exceeding 25 million on average.


Six Months of Consultation, Editing, Mixing, and Mastering Service for Multiple Podcasts


For those who prefer to do it themselves, but need a little help to start. Our Founders have produced some of the most successful podcasts in the world, and are available to consult both on one-time and ongoing bases. We can help you…

And further direction based on your show’s individual needs!

Contact Creation Coven

Use this form to contact us with any questions or to sign up for our services and correspond directly with one of our Producers.

Terms of Service

By using CreationCoven.Club you are commissioning an independent contractor through our company to produce an episode of a podcast. You retain full ownership of your podcast throughout your use of our service.

Producers receive 75% of revenue for each job they complete, with the remaining 25% paid to Creation Coven, LLC.

Creation Coven retains the right to play a “post-roll” at the end of any podcast we produce. This “post-roll” can be a company audio mark or commercial for our business.

Once hired, our independent contractors reserve the right to credit themselves as the “Producer” of any episode or episodes they edit, mix, and/or master. On-air or official online credits are contingent on the mutual agreement of Creators and Producers.

Upon initial delivery of their files Creators may request a final round of edits from their assigned Producer, to fine-tune their episodes. This service is limited to a single editing session, to be requested within 48 hours of initial delivery. Any further edits will be subject to an additional fee.

Creation Coven is not a hosting service and will not be responsible for hosting your podcasts. None of our contractors may accept personal information to enter a Creator onto a hosting platform. We/they also cannot perform any uploading, naming, description writing, or any other responsibilities beyond post-production & file delivery.

Sky-tier clients are obligated to offer a negotiable percentage of ownership over any podcast network Creation Coven helps to create.